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We believe in every project we take on, we treat our clients work very personally yet professionally and ensure the highest standard of delivery. There is a reason why we are like this… Read on to know the insight to how we began.

When I first arrived in Dubai back in 2007 the concept of Corporate Communications and Public Relations was quite alien to many local businesses and on the other hand the large global organisations already had assistance from the west to support them in this area. At this time I was heading up a development company as the Vice President and was aggressively looking for a good reputed PR firm to manage multiple activities and ideas ranging from Press Event Launches to VIP Guest Management for high net worth clients. After contacting numerous PR firms and reviewing some 20 odd proposals later it was clear that I was hitting a brick wall. Being a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I was discovering major communications and grammatical mistakes, strategies that were not thought through, creative ideas that were not original and appeared copied and account managers who were only interested in closing a sale rather than taking the time to understand what we needed. The experience with the inexperienced PR firms in a new Dubai was negative and draining, I was determined to execute all the activities I had planned and get the positive results I was desiring.

We all know that when it comes to our public image there is no compromise it has to be communicated correctly and that means correct grammar so that your audience understand you and your business, a well thought out strategy that will work in exposing your business and a team who are trustworthy and have the creative tools and resources in MAKING IT HAPPEN!

Low and behold I had to make it happen myself. With only 6 weeks to plan and deliver, I had to develop creative advertisements and place them strategically in the correct publications, plan launch projects for 2 new developments, book and confirm venues, create a theme and concept for the launch, create press releases to go to all press contacts, compile and communicate with all media contacts, staff 2 events with Russian, English, Arabic and Indian speaking staff to engage with guests, manage a guest list of 500 people, design the stage and podium to unveil the projects with a unique impact, design and print project brochures and the list went on and on!

Thank god I was equipped with 10 years experience in managing large corporate events for the banking and corporate industry followed by in-depth media experience of having my own TV and radio shows and of course it helped that I had the design background.... juggling literally 7 activations at one time myself and the team I hired in the short period of time pulled off an amazing project which became the talk of the town!

Shortly after I started getting approached by other businesses requiring similar services and this is how we became

The PR Professionals

We hope you enjoy exploring our innovative site and we hope to hear from you when you are ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Warmest Regards

Sam Malik

CEO & Founder

The PR Professionals

  • Public Relations
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  • Event Management
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  • Social Media Marketing
    11 - 12
  • Corporate Communication
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  • Branding and Awareness
    15 - 18

Past & Current Clients we have serviced or partnered with:

· Axalta · du · The Gracious F · Armani Hotel · Regus · Hommage Atelier · Hamilton Aquactics

· Al Khaleej Sugar · Myoffice · ITECO · Vhernier · Waldorf Astoria · Bloomsburys · Edible Arrangements

· The Island Dubai - Lebanon Island, The World Islands Dubai · AW Rostamani · Elysian · Peppermill

· Fruitilicious · Toyata · Al Futtaim · Etisalt · Standard Chartered · Deloitte · Tanjara · The First Group · Procter & Gamble

· Vision Avenue Homes · Love Soni · Patchi · iphone 5 · IDBI Bank · Brother · SuperMax · Private Storage · Jumbo · Wizcraft

· iifa Awards · Jimmy Choo · London Fashion Week · Formula F1 · Dubai Fashion Week · Villari · Pizza Express · Capital Club · Sony

· Manish Malhotra · Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor · Columbo Stock Exchange · HSBC · Tablez · Barclays · Action Impact

· Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

The PR Professionals


At The PR Professionals we believe that Public Relations is a broad and comprehensive field, that not only consists of media and events, but more importantly the client’s image both within the corporate and social environment, as well as how the general public perceives them. We offer numerous key strategies to strengthen our clients public image.
The PR Professionals advise and help clients ensure that a company works well together, where by peers can strengthen their collaborative potential and maximize positive external exposure. For us Public Relations is all about your External Communication with the world and Internal Communication with your peers and colleagues.

Innovative Public
Relations Strategies

We provide our clients with the highest quality of excellence for every task undertaken and every event that is executed. We understand the media and we understand how to expose our clients businesses to the correct audience. Every business concept is different and every business has its own unique business strategy. We invest time to get your companies public relations strategy in line with your company vision along with your aims and objectives. We take time to analyze and study the correct route to expose your business, projects, products and senior management profiling.

Press Releases

Press releases have been the standard method of communicating news to the media for decades and every editor has learned to both loathe and rely on them. A press release is the best traditional way of getting the word out to the media about your business news, products and services. The PR Professionals strategise and produce comprehensive press releases using insightful tools to ensure that the news story is shared and discovered. Our stories and reports are compelling and attract favorable media attention that creates the path for prestige reaction and successful outcomes.

Press Releases

As Oscar Wilde once said :

" The only thing worse than being
talked about is not being talked about."

Press Conferences

A press conference is the best way to gather the press and media at the same time to capture speeches, announcements and product or project launches. Our signature style of arranging press conferencing events, successfully secure the press and medias attention to attend. Every press event is unique and carefully strategised based on the announcement at hand.

Media Crisis Management

We find the best possible solution to fix the complication with minimal damage; a quick but efficient fix that avoids having to waste any valuable time on an inconvenient issue. Media Crises Management is handled on a case to case scenario. Depending on the issues The PR Professionals strategise and find ways to resolve the damage in accordance.

The PR Professionals


We understand that achieving a successful event and creating fresh and creative ideas can be extremely time consuming and stressful therefore everything is tailored to our clients’ vision; nothing is left to chance. Throughout the planning process, a strong focus is placed on sourcing and negotiating to maximize investment; therefore, our expert team handles every aspect of the preparation and time management of the event with confidence and precision.

The PR Professionals are renowned to deliver the ‘wow factor’ that you demand. From strategic planning and guest attendance to on site exhibition build-ups and private event, we are here to manage your project down to the very last detail. No matter how big or complicated the project The PR Professionals thrive on delivering quality results time and time again.

Networking Forums

Did you know that The PR Professionals are well known for their innovative networking events? We have held Networking Forums at prestige Downtown venues like the Armani Hotel, The Address and The Palace Hotel to name the few. Networking events are a great way to bring people of similar interests and backgrounds to meet and expand their connections. The PR Professionals strongly believe that networking forums creates awareness of your capabilities opening additional lines of communication to the corporate industry. As part of our business motto, we encourage people to increase their awareness about different people and backgrounds. 8 out of 10 people walk away from our events having conducted some sort of business or insightful exchange.

Team Building

Team Building activities are a great way to reinforce commitment to a team ‘s shared goals and objectives. These activities help develop strong interpersonal relationships, that helps to bond the team closer together and work well collaboratively. We credit that team-building events reduce conflict between team members whilst increasing awareness of each others individual worth and usefulness. The PR Professionals have been applauded for their creative strategies and team building activities. Our signature events have been held on the famous World Islands in Dubai where teams have interacted with land and water activities.

Award Ceremonies

The PR Professionals strongly believe that it is important to reward individuals success and accomplishments. Award ceremonies are celebratory events that are conducted to cherish and congratulate a person’s or organisations hard work whilst also a great chance to build motivation and reflection. The PR Professionals organise Award Ceremonies for clients that celebrate success. We manage the event end to end for our clients, from stage set up to and red carpet experience right through to personalised trophies and guest management.

“ Let us create your WOW factor! ”

The PR Professionals
Event Management continued..

Business Conferencing

At The PR Professionals we believe that communication is a key factor that enables a company to run efficiently. Business conferences give the team an insight of the company’s situation and progress whilst also acting as important opportunities for different clients to interact with each other; forming potential partnerships and influential relationships with each other. The purpose of business conferences is to share and express different thoughts therefore The PR Professionals organise basic and advanced business conferences both locally and internationally. We manage and arrange everything from venue management and logistics to creating strategic presentations and arranging schedules to managing the guests with personalised requirements to hotel bookings for delegates.

Venue Management

As a significant and important aspect to each of our events, we have exclusive and non-exclusive partnerships with numerous high profile venues in the Middle East.

The purpose of venue management is to expose our venue partners to our strong client base and ensure that our events are in ideal locations where we can craft and stylize the site to our specific needs and requirements. For each of our events we endeavor to reach out to unique untouched locations so that there is a sense of excitement and a clear differentiation with every event. Once the location has been chosen, we then work on the finer details of creating the perfect event. The PR Professionals handle and execute full event logistics including event experience and theming, sound, lighting, entertainment, branding and setup to the clients’ requirements.

Venues we have worked in partnership with include The Island (Lebanon) in The World Islands, Dubai - The Armani Hotel and the Waldorf Astoria The Palm.

The PR Professionals
Event Management continued..

Social Media & Event Collaboration

As technology advances, it offers us several opportunities and advantages. Social Media and Event Collaboration integrates two vital elements of Public Relations to create a sophisticated and efficient forum that instantly promotes and publicizes the person, project or product to the media. With the use of digital technology including Twitter and Facebook, we can spread a corporate message from user to user and resonate, as communication appears to come from a trusted third party source as opposed to a brand or company itself. The concept integrates the general public with the client enabling an opportunity to share valuable content whilst gaining insightful market research and exposure. During an event our client's profile pages on social networking sites are constantly being updated inorder to interact with followers. The use of social networking sites gives the speakers campaign more depth and reliability as questions are answered instantly and the relationship between consumers or even the media is re-enforced and strengthened. The concept of a live Twitter feed and live video streaming is a great way to encourage the audience to comment and contribute to a live forum. Speak to our team for more information.

Guest List Management

Guest list management grants us the ability to control who comes to our clients events and that we are hitting a specific target audience. Not only this, but the guest list safeguards that no unauthorised person attends our clients event. We work through a full process of inviting guests, couriering invitations, sending e-vites, following up RSVP’s, collating guest lists and arranging table plans. In addition to this we hold our own database of over 200,000 contacts that can be targeted for specific events.

Public Speaking

At The PR Professionals we realize that numerous events require different ways of communicating with an audience. Audiences demand informative yet interesting content in order to really connect with our clients, a project or product we are communicating. At The PR Professionals, we have presented at corporate and prestige events for our clients including du, Toyota (Al Futtaim) and Brother International to name a few, where we have created scripts and speeches informing the specific audience about our client, their projects and products and their credibility. We have a range of strong speakers who would enjoy speaking and being a part of your event.

Entertainment Management

Every event needs smart entertainers. We work with amazing talented artists who perform the best entertainment in town. Ranging from contortionists, musicians, artists to choreographed animal performances we have something different for your audience time and time again.

The PR Professionals


The long-term success of promotional campaigns and the integration of marketing communications are affected by the use of the Internet. Today, the Internet is by far the most effective way of exposing a client to their audience, as it is inexpensive, delivers instantly to the international community and reaches millions of people who use the Internet as the centre of virtually all communication. Recent news has compared Social Media Marketing as Public Relations’ ‘Best Friend’ as they both work towards a mutual cause and aid each other in achieving their specific goals. We work closely with our clients to activate their Social Media & Online Marketing campaigns on a project to project basis.

SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great method where a client can find themselves on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Firefox at top ranking by incorporating a strategic online campaign.

SEO services inform global audiences about the product, project or company by ranking them on the first three pages on the listings. With the aid of SEO services, The PR Professionals can increase their clients’ visibility on leading search engine result pages. We facilitate, promote and represent our clients online and create innovative and useful content to enhance the possibility of placement at the top of the search engine ranking.

Online Social Media Management

The PR Professionals believe that your image plays a crucial role on the publicity and exposure that you may receive. Your image acts as your logo day in day out, therefore it is important to maintain and portray yourself in the best of ways. It is also important to make yourself known to the public so that your product, project or company is talked about and shared in society. We manage this for you using social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

The advantage of social media is that you can provide relevant information and the public will easily find it, automatically increasing awareness and exposure of your product, project or company. If you feel shy or too busy to build your social present, don’t worry we can manage your end to end Online Social Media Management.

Online Media Buying

We work closely with a number of publications and online portals to manage advertising campaigns. As an agency we have the best rates and exposure to the best places and opportunities for your online media campaign. We manage and strategise the best opportunity for you to position your brand online creatively and ensure that you communicate with the right audience.

The PR Professionals



Corporate Communication is perhaps the most important element for any business relationship in order to make a brand successful and appropriate to the investors and target clients or customers. At The PR Professionals we believe that different methods of Corporate Communications allows people or groups to better understand and connect. One of our communication strategies include working together in a team to identify strengths, weaknesses and most importantly targets and goals that we aim to achieve within each project. In order to strike the right balance we believe it is essential to build strong internal team moral and unity so that when a brand or company goes live to communicate their message through Public Relations, Marketing or Live Event Activations then everyone communicates the same instructions, building a strong brand governance. We work closely with organisations to deliver motivational activities for internal teams who are having issues connecting.

Internal Communication

Without basic internal communications, any project is unorganized which consequently leads to any given project to have flaws due to an ill-logical and unorganized approach. At The PR Professionals we deliver effective internal communication exercises that involve a two way process either by formal or informal means. We believe that internal communications can be used to build stronger internal associations, forging alliances between management and work teams that helps employees to understand the organisation’s vision, values and culture. We design and deliver orientations, think tanks, communications studies and team building workshops by arranging away days for employees to open their communication paths. Once strong relationships are built this gives a great foundation to execute ideas and vision to reflect a brands image.

Brand Management &
External Communications

The sole purpose of Brand Management is to build a person or product’s professional image and profile, promote and expose them to the target market. Once a brand has been exposed to the public, it must maintain its reputation and broadcast it’s progress to external clientele.
The PR Professionals have extensive knowledge of how to promote and represent clients using integrating digital media combined with traditional media methods like print, television and radio to ensure efficiency and productivity for a client’s investment. We manage cost affective advertising solutions on behalf of our clients with all the major mainstream media and press.

The PR Professionals


A company or clients ‘image’ is the foundation for the beginning of any successful PR campaign. Through marketing means such as press releases, media and much more, we build a company’s profile to present them in a desirable manner with specific information including; firm history, financial resources as well as organisational traits that will boost the anticipated performance into high visibility and expectations. The PR Professionals have the perfect
in-house design team who deliver innovative design and branding strategies for clients.

Website Development

The purpose of web development is to let the world know that you exist. A website is the simplest form of visual communication that communicates your company information, products and services with a click of a button. We offer state of the art designs and solutions for all online digital projects. Our in-house team of designers offer the most innovative designs and web infrastructure. Browse our portfolio section on our website to see more, or better yet get a look and feel of our website and judge for yourself!

Live Activations

Live activations are the way forward in the world of branding. What does this mean? Look around you! Events, visual displays, live sponsorships, entertainment, live experiential events. We are heavily involved with a number of activations including golf course branding, digital branding for exhibitions and events. We design and build exhibition space and stands right through to delivering your very bare basics of supplying branded stationary, branded promotional items for give aways’ to print collateral and pop up marketing solutions for quick exposure.

Voice Over Commercials

Voice over commercials act as the strongest means of communicating a direct voice message to clients and customers after visual media through sound communication. Voice communications have proved to be extremely effective when measuring subliminal messaging, eight out of ten people listen and react to a promotion that they have heard through sound which further boosts the productivity and efficiency of our services. We strategise voice campaigns, arrange scripting, provide voice over artists, conduct and edit recordings within 24-72 hours ready for broadcast.

TV Commercials & Corporate Videos

With the ever-expanding number of media options available, television and online video channels remains the most popular and cost-effective avenues for reaching target audiences. TV Commercials target a mass market in an instance. We believe that visual media is always the strongest form of creating a link in the viewers’ minds. Strategising, shooting, preparing and choreographing a professional corporate video or commercial is our favorite hobby. Explore our video streams on our website to see some of our work.

The PR Professionals
Branding & Awareness Continued..

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship is a vital element to connect with a target audience, especially effective as a marketing tool as it provides a means of accessing a wide range of decision makers in the public arena. It grants the luxury of heightening a company’s visibility due to positive publicity through the event and media especially the projects that attract large numbers of people like popular sporting or Fashion events.

The PR Professionals have a number of clients who have the buying power to sponsor events and on the flip side we arrange numerous events for the sports, fashion, and the corporate sectors who are seeking sponsors as well. We manage the complete execution of creating strategized sponsorship packages to engaging clients to exchange opportunities.

Industry Specific Database

The PR Professionals have access to specific influential databases for plentiful different fields including fashion, media, real estate, as well as private corporate sector companies and individuals. We have our own internal database that spans over 200,000 contacts. We have successfully managed database and guest management projects for large multi national companies as well as small SME businesses. Contact us to discuss the database in detail.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Coming Soon

The PR Professionals