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Public Relations focuses on strategic long term activities that directly impact your brands image and reputation.

1. Public Relations


At The PR Professionals, we believe that Public Relations is a broad and comprehensive field, that not only consists of media and events but more importantly the client’s image both within the corporate and social environment. We offer numerous key activities and strategies to strengthen our clients’ public image through various methods of media. For us, Public Relations is all about your External Communication with the world and Internal Communication with your peers and colleagues.

Let us help you reach the world of Television, Radio, Print and Online! 

Innovative Public Relations Strategies

We provide our clients with the highest quality of excellence for every PR task undertaken and every event that is executed. We understand the media and we understand how to expose our client’s business to the correct audience.

Every business concept is different and every business has its own unique business strategy. We invest valuable time to build your company’s public relations strategy in line with your company vision along with your aims and objectives. Our team analyses and studies the correct route to expose your business, projects, products, and senior management profiling.

Press Releases

Press releases have been the standard method of communicating news to the media for decades and every editor has learned to both loathe and rely on them. A press release is the best traditional way of getting the word out to the media about your business news, products and services. The PR Professionals strategize and produce comprehensive press releases using insightful tools to ensure that the news story is interesting and can be discovered. Our stories and reports are compelling and attract favorable media attention that creates the path for engaging reactions and successful outcomes.

Press Conferences

A press conference is the best way to gather the media to capture speeches, announcements, and product or project launches.

Every press event is unique. Our team of professionals carefully strategize press conference events in order to secure the media’s attention to attend.

Media Crisis Management

We find the best possible solution to fix the complication with minimal damage; a quick but efficient fix that avoids having to waste any valuable time on an inconvenient issue.  Media Crises Management is handled on a case-to-case basis. Depending on the scenario, The PR Professionals strategizes and find ways to resolve media damage in accordance quickly and effectively.

2. Event Management

Event Management and Turnkey solutions

We understand that achieving a successful event can be challenging and time-consuming. Therefore we create innovative events that are tailored to our client’s vision and project-manage the full details. We manage the planning, logistics, execution, and permissions to deliver flawless events.

The PR Professionals are renowned for delivering the experiential ‘wow factor’. From innovative strategic planning to on-site exhibition build-ups, we are here to manage your project down to the very last detail including guest management and unique entertainment. No matter how big or complicated the project, The PR Professionals thrive on delivering quality results time and time again. Throughout the planning process, we focus on sourcing and negotiating with vendors to maximize investment and budget control. Our team of experts handles all aspects of the preparation and time management of an event with confidence and precision.

Networking Forums

Did you know that The PR Professionals are recognized for their innovative business networking events! We have hosted Professional Business Networking Forums at prestige Downtown locations like The Armani Hotel, The Address, and The Palace Hotel to name a few.

Networking events are a great way to bring people of similar interests and backgrounds together to meet and expand their connections. The PR Professionals strongly believe that networking forums create great awareness of your capabilities, opening new lines of communication and opportunities with other businesses and individuals.

Connecting people, at least 8 out of 10 people walk away from our events having conducted some sort of business or insightful exchange.

Team Building

Team Building activities are a great way to reinforce the commitment to a team’s shared goals and objectives. These activities help develop strong interpersonal relationships among peers. We have hosted interactive land and water activities that have been customized to our client’s team requirements.

Awards Ceremonies

The PR Professionals strongly believe that it is important to reward an individual’s success and accomplishments.

Award ceremonies are celebratory events that are conducted to cherish and appreciate a person or organization’s hard work. It is also a great chance to build motivation and reflection for the team. We organize Award Ceremonies for clients, we manage the event logistics and fair nomination process.

Business & Press Conferencing

Conferences are a great platform to showcase a company’s thought process and capabilities as well as give an insight into a company’s situation and progress. It is a professional environment to communicate news and to help form potential partnerships and influential relationships with internal and external peers. The PR Professionals organize basic and advanced-level business conferences locally and internationally. We manage and arrange everything from venue management and logistics to creating strategic presentations and arranging guest management.

Venue Management

The PR Professionals have exclusive and non-exclusive partnerships with several high-profile venues in the Middle East.

We venue manage operations, logistics, marketing, catering, event programming, development, bookings contracts, and scheduling of events.

Our Venue management solutions also include staffing, security, cleaning, maintenance, and the management of all third-party relationships.

We have worked with remote Island locations and hotels to build exclusive experiential events and strategically position the venues to appeal to third-party vendors for their projects.

Social Media Event Collaboration

As technology advances, it offers us several opportunities and advantages. Social Media and Event Collaboration integrate two vital elements of Public Relations to create a sophisticated and efficient forum that instantly promotes and publicises a person, project or product to the media.  With the use of digital technology including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Facebook, we are able to spread corporate messages from user to user. The concept integrates the general public with the client enabling an opportunity to share valuable content whilst gaining insightful market research and exposure. During an event, we link social networking profile pages that are constantly being updated and have a strong interaction with followers. The use of social networking sites gives a speakers campaign more depth and reliability as questions are answered instantly and the relationship between consumers or the media are reinforced and strengthened. The concept of a live social media feed and live video streaming is a great way to encourage the audience to comment and contribute to a live forum.

Guest List Management

Guest list management gives us the ability to control who attends our client’s event and helps us to manage a specific target audience. A well-guarded guest list safeguards us from an unauthorized person attending and being managed diligently. We deliver a high-level guest management service that involves the process of inviting guests, managing invitations, sending e-vites, managing RSVP’s, collating guest lists, and arranging detailed table plans. In addition to this, we hold our own database of over 200,000+ contacts that can be targeted for specific events including access to high-level CXO’s and local government.

Public Speaking

In a multicultural city like Dubai, we realize that there are many different ways of communicating with an audience.

Audiences demand informative yet interesting content in order to connect with the subject we communicate. We have a great team of speakers who have the unique ability to engage and connect with people intelligently and emotionally.

We have presented at several corporate and high-level events on behalf of our clients including du (Emirates Integrated) Toyota (Al Futtaim), and Brother International to name a few. We also create our own scripts and have a range of strong speakers who would enjoy speaking and being a part of your event.

Entertainment management

Every event needs smart entertainment. We work with some amazingly talented artists who perform the best shows in town. Ranging from 3D mapping, performers, contortionists, musicians, and artists to choreographed animal performances we have something different for your audience time and time again.

3. Social Media Marketing


“Social Media Marketing is Public Relations BEST FRIEND”

The long-term success of promotional campaigns and the integration of marketing communications are affected by the use of the Internet. Today, the Internet is by far the most effective way of exposing a client to their audience, as it is inexpensive, delivers instantly to the international community, and reaches millions of people who use the Internet. It is the center of virtually all communication. Recent news has compared Social Media Marketing to Public Relations ‘Best Friend’ as they both work towards a mutual cause and aid each other in achieving their specific goals.  We work closely with our clients to activate Social Media and Online Marketing campaigns on a project-to-project basis.

SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great method to rank your business on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Firefox by incorporating a strategic online campaign. SEO services inform global audiences about the product, project, or company by ranking them on the first three pages of the listings.

With the aid of SEO services, The PR Professionals help increase their clients’ visibility on leading search engine result pages. We facilitate, promote and represent our clients online and create innovative and useful content to enhance the possibility of placement at the top of a search engine ranking.

Online Social Media Management

The PR Professionals believe that your image plays a crucial role in the publicity and exposure that you may receive. Your image acts as your logo day in and day out, therefore it is important to maintain and portray yourself in the best of ways. It is also important to make yourself known to the public so that your product, project, or company is talked about and shared in society. We manage this for you by using social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest. The advantage of social media is that you can provide relevant information and the public can easily find it, automatically increasing awareness and exposure of your product, project, or company. If you feel shy or too busy to build your social presence, don’t worry we can manage your end-to-end Online Social Media.

Online Media Buying

We work closely with a number of publications and online portals to manage advertising campaigns. As an agency, we have the best rates and exposure to the best places and opportunities for your media campaign. We manage and strategize the best opportunity for you to position your brand online creatively and ensure that you communicate with the right audience.

4. Corporate Communications


Corporate Communication is perhaps the most important element for any business relationship in order to make a brand successful and appropriate to the stakeholders, investors, media, and target clients or customers.  At The PR Professionals, we believe that different methods of Corporate Communications allow people or groups to better understand and connect. One of our communication strategies includes working together in a team to identify strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly targets and goals that we aim to achieve within each project. In order to strike the right balance we believe it is essential to build strong internal team morale and unity so that when a brand or company goes live to communicate its message through Public Relations, Marketing or Live Event Activations then everyone communicates the same instructions, building strong brand governance.  We work closely with organizations to deliver motivational activities for external and internal teams who are having issues connecting.

Our commitment:
  • To promote the profile of a brand or company
  • To minimize discrepancies between the desired identity and brand features
  • To delegate tasks in communication
  • To formulate and execute effective procedures
  • To make important decisions on communication matters
  • To mobilize internal and external support for corporate objectives
  • To coordinate with international business firms
Internal Communication

Without basic internal communications, any project is unorganized which consequently leads to any given project having flaws due to an ill-logical and unorganized approach. At The PR Professionals, we deliver effective internal communication exercises that involve a two-way process either by formal or informal means. We believe that internal communications can be used to build stronger internal associations, forging alliances between management and work teams that help employees to understand the organization’s vision, values, and culture. We design and deliver orientations, think tanks, communications studies, and team-building workshops by arranging away days for employees to open their communication paths. Once strong relationships are built this gives a great foundation to execute ideas and vision to reflect a brand’s image.

Brand Management and External Communications

The sole purpose of brand management is to build a person or product’s professional image and profile and promote and expose them to the target market. Once a brand has been exposed to the public, it must maintain its reputation and broadcast its progress to external clientele. The PR Professionals have extensive knowledge of how to promote and represent clients using integrated digital media combined with traditional media methods like print, television, and radio to ensure efficiency and productivity for a client’s investment. We manage cost effective advertising solutions on behalf of our clients with all the major mainstream media and press.

5. Branding and Awareness


A company or client’s image’ is the foundation for the beginning of any successful PR campaign. Through marketing means such as press releases, media, and much more, we build a company’s profile to present them in a desirable manner with specific information including; firm history, financial resources as well as organizational traits that will boost the anticipated performance into high visibility and expectations. The PR Professionals have the perfect in-house design team who delivers innovative design and branding strategies for clients.

Live Activations

Live activations are the way forward in the world of branding. What does this mean? Look around you! Events, visual displays, live sponsorships, entertainment, live experiential events. We are heavily involved with a number of activations including digital branding for exhibitions and events, we design and build exhibition space and stands through to delivering your very bare basics of supplying branded stationary, branded promotional items for give aways’ to print collateral, and pop-up marketing solutions for quick exposure.

Website Development


The purpose of web development is to let the world know that you exist. A website is the simplest form of visual communication that communicates your company’s information, products, and services with a click of a button. We offer state-of-the-art designs and solutions for all online digital projects. Our in-house team of designers works on the most innovative designs and web infrastructure.  Browse our portfolio section on our website to see more, or better yet get a look and feel of our website and judge for yourself!

TV Commercials and Corporate Videos

With the ever-expanding number of media options available, television and online video channels remain the most popular and cost-effective avenues for reaching target audiences. TV Commercials target a mass market in an instant. We believe that visual media is always the strongest form of creating a link in the viewers’ minds. Strategizing, shooting, preparing, and choreographing a professional corporate video or commercial is our favorite hobby. Explore our video streams on our website to see some of our work.

Voice over commercials

Voice-over commercials act as the strongest means of communicating a direct voice message to clients and customers after visual media through sound communication. Voice communications have proved to be extremely effective when measuring subliminal messaging, eight out of ten people listen and react to a promotion that they have heard through sound which further boosts the productivity and efficiency of our services. We strategize voice campaigns, arrange to script, provide voice-over artists, and conduct and edit recordings within 24-72 hours ready for radio and online broadcasting.

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship is a vital element to connect with a target audience, especially effective as a marketing tool as it provides a means of accessing a wide range of decision-makers in the public arena. It grants the luxury of heightening a company’s visibility due to positive publicity through the event and media especially the projects that attract large numbers of people like popular sporting or Fashion events. The PR Professionals have a number of clients who have the buying power to sponsor events and on the flip side, we arrange numerous events for the sports, fashion, and corporate sectors and are seeking sponsors as well. We manage the complete execution of creating strategized sponsorship packages to engage clients to exchange opportunities.

Industry Specific Database

The PR Professionals have access to specific influential databases for plentiful different fields including fashion, media, real estate, as well as private corporate sector companies and individuals.  We have our own internal database that spans over 200,000+ contacts that includes access to high-level CXO’s and local government. We have successfully managed database and guest management projects for large multi-national companies as well as small SME businesses. Contact us to discuss the database in detail.

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